Thailand Wellness & Culinary Tour: Tranquility and Delightful Flavors

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– Learn the secrets of Thai cuisine with a cooking lesson on an organic farm
– Witness the grandeur of the Grand Palace and the encompassing stunning temples
– Visit the majestic Metal Palace and serene Golden Mountain
– Experience the unique artistry of Wat Rong Khun, a temple unlike any other
– Venture along the famous and infamous Golden Triangle
– Discover the cultures of various tribes that call the northern jungle mountains their home


(Day 1): Arrive in Remarkable Bangkok, Thailand
(Day 2): Venture through Bangkok’s Iconic Temples and Royal Complex
(Day 3): Enjoy the Morning in Bangkok before Transferring to Chiang Rai in the North
(Day 4): Explore the Local History Within and Outside of Chiang Rai
(Day 5): Discover Thailand’s Tremendous Northern Culture En Route to Chiang Mai
(Day 6): Traverse the Streets in and around Chiang Mai
(Day 7): Relish Thailand’s Flavors with a Stunning Cooking Course and Exploration
(Day 8): Depart for Home

Strength, vigor, and wellness are the diverse flavors found within the landscapes, history, people and cuisine; this eight-day trip through Thailand gives you exactly what the word vacation describes, a chance to vacate your life for a time and experience the splendor of the forested hills and hidden serenity of cities. Whether within the artistic display of the Wat Rong Khun temple or a cooking course that brings the essence of cuisine to you, you will find quintessence along the streets and limitless certainty about culture, food, the past, and the future.


Arrive in Bangkok and let the energetic city wash over you. The bustle of the metropolis soon takes a backseat to the comforts of The Peninsula Hotel, located along the quiet riverbanks of the Chao Phraya River. Whether you witness the city from your hotel room or along the serene terrace café beside the water you will soon discover the city’s charm, resting in the archetypal niches of the trees and waterways, even within the cobblestone streets of small neighborhoods tucked away from the rush. The following day you will tour the city beginning with the glittering Temple of Dawn which catches the light in a remarkable manner. The Grand Palace complex contains the residence of the king and is filled with sensational temples that cannot be missed. In the afternoon you will enjoy an introduction to the famous Thai massage before experiencing how relaxing one can truly be. Taste the rich flavors of Sirocco for dinner, located on the rooftop and overlooking the incredible shine of the city at night.

On top of Golden Mountain you will find a 19th century temple topping the summit before making your way to Wat Suthat and the Metal Palace, whose spires stand in opulence over an immaculate façade. In the afternoon you will arrive in Chiang Rai in the north, finding stupendous accommodation at Le Meridien Chiang Rai. Exploring Chiang Rai brings you to various temples within the city, including Wat Rong Khun, which resembles an ice palace and is decorated in equal eccentricity. Visit the Golden Triangle where the Laotian, Burmese, and Thai borders meet.


You will travel through the forest to Chiang Mai stopping en route to experience the wonderful hill tribes whose cultures have persisted through encroaching empires and cities. Once in Chiang Mai you can relax in The Chedi Hotel. In the evening there will be an exquisite representation of culture with Thai cuisine and dancing at the Thai Khantoke Dance Show. The temples found within the northern capital are as wondrous and gripping as those in Bangkok. From 14th century relics such as Wat Suan Dok, to the tremendous panorama at Doi Suthep, when you explore Chiang Mai there are no shortage of marvels to witness. The following day you will enjoy the flavors of Thailand at the Chiang Mai Organic Cooking Experience. Traverse the local market and find yourself on a farm outside of the city uncovering the layers of Thai cuisine and tasting the delicate combinations that bring culinary delight and a feeling of wellness to countryside, the cityscape, and you.


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