Close out your year with savings by booking flights for Christmas and New Year’s Eve at times when they should cost the least

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Good cheer, good friends and fun are what the winter holidays are all about. But whether it’s getting home for Christmas or traveling someplace special for New Year’s Eve, finding cheap holiday flights can be a bit of a hassle.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Christmas Flight?

According to Skyscanner Data, the best time to buy a Christmas flight is during the week of November 21st for an average savings of 6.41%.

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Year’s Eve Flight?

According to Skyscanner Data, the best time to buy a New Year’s flight is during the week of December 5th for an average savings of 10.57%.


You might be wondering how we’re getting this information. For Christmas flights, we looked at our 2015 data for people leaving between Saturday, December 19 and Friday, December 25 with return flights between Saturday, December 26 and Sunday, December 27. Our New Year’s Eve information stems from 2015 data on flight departures from Saturday, December 26 and Thursday, December 31 with returns between Friday, January 1 and Sunday, January 3.

So when could you expect to save the most on your Christmas and New Year’s Eve flights? It turns out you can book them both at the same time – the week of November 21. Booking your Christmas flights the same week you are eating your Thanksgiving turkey could save you 6.41 percent on a round-trip ticket for one adult. Folks looking to get away for New Year’s Eve can expect to save 4.14 percent on a round-trip ticket to ring in 2016.

There’s no reason to worry if you are too busy sleeping off that Thanksgiving meal, there are still deals to be had as it creeps closer to Christmas. Booking the week of November 28 could score you a 2.17 percent savings or 4.93 percent savings if you book the week of December 5.

For our New Year’s Eve travelers, the greatest savings can be found the week of December 5 with a potential of 10.57 percent savings, or 6.67 percent savings booking the week of December 19. And for those true procrastinators, you can still find savings up to the very last minute – the week of December 26 sees a savings of 6.72 percent.

You’ve got the knowledge, and G.I. Joe told us knowing is half the battle. But it isn’t easy to keep an eye on the flights to either go home for the holidays or party down in the waning moments of 2015. Skyscanner knows this and has created Price Alerts to send you email updates any time prices change on any flights you’re interested in booking. Want to set one up now? Watch the video below to find out how to create your own Price Alert.



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